5 Ways of Making Your Hen’s Night Memorable

5 Ways of Making Your Hen’s Night Memorable

5 Ways of Making Your Hen’s Night Memorable

Ever attended a hen’s night? If you’re yet to attend then you don’t realize how fun it is. The hen’s night is a customary institution of marriage where women get together at the house of the bride to be to celebrate absolute freedom before the wedding. However, today’s parties are even more exciting.

hen night signThe main sense of these nights is to spend enjoyable time with the bride to be in order to have a good time to relax and take a break from all the strain and the drama that goes in planning the wedding. Here are some ideas to make your hen’s nights memorable and hilarious.

  1. Use hen’s Night Challenge Cards

Challenge cards are cards that offer interesting challenges to the bride to be throughout the party. If you’d like to have an amazing party, consider having a thorough, utter amazing scavenger hunt. Consider things like:

  • Collecting make business card
  • Dancing with a man
  • Finding a man who can offer to buy you drinks

These activities can be followed by taking photos of the bride and the gentlemen who agree to participate.

  1. Play Some Quiz Games

Quiz games can be a lot of fun, especially if it involves asking the bride to be some questions concerning the husband to be. In addition, it can be a bit fun if she’s able to mail her husband to be the answers to the said questions. Simple questions such as:

  1. Favorite movies?
  2. Favorite perfume?
  3. Most awkward experience?

hen night out

  1. Finding the Right Location

The most important detail when it comes to an accomplished successful hen’s night party is finding the right location of the event. In most cases, these events are done in restaurants or pubs and hence it’s vital to book these places to avoid unpleasant surprises. Furthermore, this gives you enough time for decorations especially tables in the venue.

  1. Remember Rest Time is Important

Have some time for rest by going through the spa during the day to relax and get pampered. I mean, every lady deserves a rest from time to time. However, if that ends up being too expensive, then a bride has their own will of finding out some unique and interesting activity available in your area (or overseas).

  1. Take Several Photos

Like it’s said: Pictures speak more than a thousand words thus the need to make your night memorable by taking pictures for remembrance. These photos can be used later on to create a memorable photo album. Trust me! That photo album will soon create a hearty laugh. Furthermore, you can decide to enlarge a picture of the bride to be and ask all the guests in the party to write a personal message around it. Through this, it will remain a memory that can never be forgotten.


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