Losing Weight For Your Wedding Day
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Losing Weight For Your Wedding Day


Today we want to address a topic about which certainly almost every construction wastes at least one thought…


The perfect figure for the perfect wedding dress! Who is the type of woman who feels really comfortable in his body (and can eat what you want without increasing (path … outrageous something ;)) and that also in the wedding dress does not need to read here! If you get caught in the thought before and during the wedding gown try on “well, and if I then lose three kilos, it looks even better,” which is right here.


For me it was definitive and that’s why today there are a few honest words on the subject of bridal fitness and slimming for the wedding!


Since I’m no longer a teenager who rides five times a week and twice a week in artistic gymnastics, unfortunately, I’m no longer among the women who do not have to pay attention to their diet. I enjoy good food and delicious wine and had always felt the three kilos too much …  And then the wedding date was approaching! 🙂


Keep Calm and enjoy the wedding


It started with me with the thoughts of the photos. Since you only have this one day, for which you plan long in advance and what you then left after the wedding, are the photos (+ possibly video, which I can only recommend by the way :-)), the Rings & many happy memories! And it’s exactly these photos that you would like to watch and think in ten years’ time that was great! In any case, I did not want to think, “would you have lost some weight with fat freezing treatments?”… I know myself, secretly I would have annoyed me forever (as it does not help, what the groom & the girlfriends say that certainly know some of you also :-)).


This was the starting signal and after all Christmas feasting, it could not hurt anyway, to eat healthier again and do some more sports! It worked out well with a lot of iron-will and three weeks before the bridal gown try-in.


I can only recommend that! The training sometimes costs a bit of overcoming, but the results can be seen quickly. On the day of the wedding, I felt very well in my dress (and my body in general) and there was still enough air in the corset (please never buy too tight or lace, you also want to enjoy the wedding cake and candy bar!), I was definitely very relaxed and you can see that in the photos. We are very happy with our photos and the effort has been worth it 🙂


So, what I really just want to say: You do not have to marry in size 34/36, but it is important that you feel comfortable and satisfied! Because when you walk to the altar and the man of your dreams shines on you, then you are also the brightest bride you can imagine!


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