Weddings its all About the Perfect venue or is it?

Weddings its all About the Perfect venue or is it?

The venue is one of the star points in the planning of a wedding, if not the most important. In fact, taking into account the magnitude of everything that it brings (cocktail, banquet, party …), it will be the element of the wedding that gives you more expenditure. And, as a consequence of the availability of these places, it should be the first reservation you make. Therefore, through these 5 steps, we guide you on this adventure so that it does not become an odyssey. Big extension builder Bucks


Step 1 Location


Geographical situation and accessibility: although many couples choose a place of celebration close to their place of residence, others decide to pack their bags and try their luck in different parts of the national and international geography. In any case, the geographical situation must have easy access so that your guests can go without problems. To do this, it facilitates the different ways of arriving, taking into account all possible means of transport, and providing vehicles for large movements.


Distance with the ceremony: try that the ceremony and the place of celebration are not too far away. In fact, you can take advantage and look for a space that includes a chapel, if you are going to celebrate a religious wedding or another that allows organizing civil marriages. If you prefer to separate places, include forms of displacement and simple instructions so as not to force your guests to make an extra effort.


Distance to nearby hotels: there will always be guests who need a place to sleep since many come from outside and many others will want to enjoy without thinking about responsibilities. To do this, contact the nearby accommodations and try to mention a special price. Your newlywed’s hotel can be a good option.


Step 2 Infrastructure

Total area:  How is the place? How many meters does it have? How many rooms? Do you have a garden? Ask all these questions and find out what you really want. Do not pay too much if you do not look for excessive paraphernalia, but inform yourself well if your idea is to make the most of it. Thus, the space in mathematical terms is key to know what you can organize.


Outdoor and indoor areas: the different rooms can help you locate different moments of the wedding, from the aperitif and the banquet to the big dance. Maybe I’ll serve you just with one of these corners or you seek to be more original. You decide.


As for the gardens, it is known that some weddings deserve a breath of nature, especially if they are celebrated in spring and summer. Regardless of the season, take a look at its open spaces and discover if you are interested in taking advantage of them.


Ease of access: taking into account the multitude of the present at a wedding, find out about the ways to access the different rooms of the chosen place. Older people, guests with reduced mobility, children and baby strollers do not have it so easy when accessing some places. The indications are also key so that nobody gets lost or confused throughout the day.


Space for the ceremony: if you decide to get married for the Church, there are spaces with chapels, parishes and sacred places that you can use. For civil weddings, there are halls, gardens and other places intended for it. Check that the chosen enclave contemplates these possibilities.


Step 3 Exclusivity

A celebration of more weddings: discover if in your chosen space one or several will be celebrated at the same time. It is of vital importance because the organization of the places, with the provision of rooms and gardens, should be very clear to avoid distractions. For example, an estate of more than 50,000 m² with extensive gardens and modern facilities ensures you the exclusivity of the great day, to create a completely personalized event and that everything goes perfectly.


What privacy is there: in case you share the space with other celebrations, make sure you know the limits and if they provide you with the appropriate privacy. Choose your place of celebration based on this aspect, because a wedding should be intimate and not cause confusion.


Exclusivity: how many hours are available? All the celebration spaces have their schedules, more if several weddings are organized in the same place. In this case, you will have to know how much time you have, because many places put limits on space and hours because they do not have enough land.


Step 4 Number of guests

Minimum of guests required:  many spaces allow the celebration of all types of weddings, no matter how small or large they may be. However, others do not accept excessively collected weddings, since they usually gather huge numbers of people. Since each wedding depends a lot on the guests, ask the minimum of these allowed and assess if it is worth the place, because you should never invite more people just to fill.


How much room has space:  also, it is important to know how much capacity the place has because there are excessively multitudinous weddings that cannot be developed anywhere. If you wait for a large number of people, or if you have other doubts, better assure yourself of the capacity and do not eliminate people for space. This must adapt to your wedding.


Step 5 The Extras

Free bar prices: many times it is included in the final price and other times it is free to contract all the service, but do not trust it. Ask under what conditions is this element so important in the party to not meet with an unforeseen extra after closing the fixed price. Sometimes, including everything in the same budget saves you unnecessary extras.


The decoration of space, lighting …: very important. Does the space count with its own professionals? Do you have to hire it separately? Keep in mind that many places add it as one more service and maybe the price varies with respect to it. Ask also if you can take your own wedding planners, although they already have to decorate and lighting services. I


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